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We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your experience with us a good one.

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Tinsley

Dr. Tinsley is most proud of his intensive training as a surgical intern at the famed Cook County Hospital-Chicago. He holds the distinction of graduating from the University of Chicago Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ranked #1 in the Country. He also holds the honor of being granted a license to practice Medicine in the Grand Cayman Island by the Queen of England.



Rita Phillips

Rita Phillips has been the general manager and corporate Chief Operating Officer for Dr. Tinsley & Associates since 2003. She worked in healthcare prior to working with Dr. Tinsley, but enjoys the work in this private practice setting a lot more. She is the patient’s best advocate because she understands the business and she too is a patient. She walks the walk, talks the talk, uses the products, and receives the services.


The Chairman

Diane Burton

Diane Burton has been the Chief Financial Officer and business solutions expert since 2005. Her focus has been, and remains to be business to business relations with emphasis on business stability and growth. She is a patient, a client and serves as the “spiritual leader” of the team. She keeps the team grounded in the reality that a successful business profits not by it’s own talents but by His Grace.

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